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Tips on Preparing Your Home for Sale

  • By Householders Guide
  • 4th April, 2011
Home For Sale

Simply deciding one day that you are going to put up your home for sale is not only a very personal decision, it is also one that will lead to further inevitable problems.

One of the main problems that home owners face is actually getting their home into a condition that is ready to sell. This is not just a case of making sure everything is clean and tidy. You will also have to make your home appear as inviting as possible to potential buyers. In the end, they will have to picture themselves living there in order for them to consider buying your home and eventually moving in.

There are some easy tips you can follow to ensure that your home has as much appeal as possible to potential buyers, and although you may feel some of the detract from the original idea of selling a home, these tips could be essential to securing the perfect buyer. You should remember that it may take you spending a little bit of money to secure a better price for your home. However, you will be pleasantly surprised at the effect a few small changes could have on the price of a home for sale.

Begin by taking a look around your home and seeing what small things just need that little bit of polish to make the visual settings as perfect as possible. Perhaps the spare bedroom could do with a lick of paint? Or maybe there is a piece of picture railing you have been meaning to replace? Whatever you find in terms of small jobs you can do yourself, you should try and get them done. For larger jobs that are still essential, it may be worth hiring a contractor. So now that the structural side of your home is in an ideal state, you will have to impress buyers when they come in the door.

Most of the tips from this point on are small things that all add up to a welcoming show home. The first of these is to take away as much of the personalization as possible from your home. This includes big photo collections or pieces of furniture that would only appeal to a small amount of people. By taking away your personal items, you are giving your potential buyers the opportunity to imagine they are already living in the home. This will go a long way towards swaying the buyer's decision in your favor.

Another good trick is to allow as much light into the home for sale as possible. Bright and open places are always far more appealing to strangers. Fresh air is also a good element to add where possible, especially if you are selling your home in summer. For winter sales, try and push the other way and promote cozy and warm spaces within your home. For the icing on the cake, you should bake some cookies for the open day; a home for sale that smells like home will always be far more appealing to any potential buyers that walk through the door.

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