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Do It Yourself Bathroom Improvements

  • By Householders Guide
  • 3rd June, 2011
Bathroom Improvements

Sometimes there feels like something is missing from your home.

You have spent years trying to make a house a home, and now you feel like it is almost complete. You have decorated every room and even remodeled the kitchen, but still something is not quite right. The most overlooked room in the house is often the bathroom and this could be where the last part of your home improving skills are needed. There is no need to start wondering about the cost of overhauling a bathroom, small bathroom improvements could make all the difference and also cost you very little.

There are so many small bathroom improvements you could make that it may seem daunting, but break them all down and you start to see a much clearer picture. In the end, you are looking for improvements you can do yourself, no matter your DIY skill level. A good start would be a lick of paint to match the tiles you have in your bathroom, and already this can make all the difference. Being the easiest way to transform a room, painting is surprisingly hard at times, so make sure that you cover anything that should not have paint on it completely. If you can, remove all of the fittings like towel rails and curtain poles.

On that note, if you are removing all of those little fittings, it may be worth taking a trip down to the hardware store to find some replacements. You would be surprised at how these small items in a room can make a huge difference. You may find that simply replacing the fittings could make a huge enough difference whereby you do not even need to paint. Bathroom improvements should be fun so enjoy the ride and make a game of it! You can even get the whole family involved and helping.

The other feature that is often overlooked in bathrooms is the taps. These are normally quite easy to change, but if you do not feel confident enough, rather call a plumber to come help you out quickly. Depending on how many fittings you have in your bathroom, you could stand to make a huge difference by simply changing a few taps. If you have a shower over your bath, do not forget to change your shower curtain to match your bathrooms new smooth look.

A combination of these small bathroom improvements will make your bathroom look like new. Sometimes, you would not even believe it is the same room. To finish off your basic improvements, add some new towels, a bathmat and some new accessories. If you have a member of the family who likes to read on the toilet, a small magazine rack could make your bathroom so much neater. It is little things like this that make all the difference, and once you add lots of little things together you get one huge change. Take a look at your bathroom today and see what small changes you can use to make a huge difference.

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