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Garage Door Replacement - Tips and Advice

  • By Householders Guide
  • 26th October, 2011
Garage Door Replacement

Garage doors ordinarily last for many years, but in time, it may become necessary to consider a garage door replacement when sure signs such as light and dust appearing from underneath the door, sagging moldings, water damage and rusted or worn rollers become evident.

As a do-it-yourself task, garage door replacement is rated by experts as a very challenging project that would require at least one helper and at least two days of work. Individuals that are not all that clued up with this type of project is best advised to hire a professional contractor to perform this task, because a new garage door that has not been fitted properly can lead to endless problems and frustration. Those who decide to go ahead and tackle the project would be well advised to obtain a helper, because some heavy lifting will be required, and to ensure that they have a large flat surface to work on.

Do Some Homework First
Because a garage door replacement project is complex and time consuming it will be well worth it to do some homework first, because the instructions that are supplied with new doors are not always in detail and may actually cause more frustration than offering help. The Internet is an excellent source of home improvement instructions, and there are many sites that offer tips and advice that can be printed out and used during the project. The very best way to learn how to complete a garage door replacement project is to search for a video with detailed visual instructions.

Be Methodical
A new garage door is accompanied by many different parts, large and small. One of the best ways in which to tackle a complicated project such as this is to make a list of every step of the entire process and to separate the parts that would be involved in each step. In this way, there is little danger that crucial steps will be missed or performed in the wrong sequence. It may even be a good idea to add the tools that would be necessary for each step to the list. Another excellent idea is to view each step as a separate project, and to study the instructions or video attentively before taking on the next step. As each step is completed and each part used, scrap them from the list.

Take Your Time
This type of project should never be rushed, because it is extremely difficult to correct mistakes made in previous steps. It is far better to progress slowly and with deliberation, and with frequent references to the instructions. By allowing for more time to complete the project, the chances of frustrations at a later stage can be considerably lessened and it's not as if the garage will be damaged if there is no door for a few days. If this is not the case, then is easy enough to rig a temporary cover for the door opening.

Is It Worth It?
While it is true that this type of project is complex and time consuming, many do-it-yourself enthusiasts revel in a challenge and will probably experience great satisfaction from the end result. Novices are better advised to rather leave a garage door replacement project in the hands of experienced professionals.

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