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Selecting the Right Carpet

  • By Householders Guide
  • 4th June, 2012
Carpet Selecting

If you are embarking on a carpet selecting process, there are a few factors you should take into account when making your choices: the most suitable color, what works best with the amount of furniture you have in the room and, most significantly, the amount of traffic the carpet is going to experience.

Choosing The Right Carpet Color
If you decide to start shopping according to color scheme, remember that lighter shades of carpet are not going to be very effective in areas or rooms that people walk through often. Lighter shades work with a number of different design aesthetics and can also expand a smaller room, making it appear bigger. They do, however, show the paths that people walk through them, and will show stains and marks easily.

Rooms like the bedroom or a formal lounge or reception area that is not used a lot are the best for lighter colors. If you do not have kids or pets in your home, you might be able to get away with a lighter color in more functional areas, but avoid using them near entrances and doors, when people are most likely to walk dirt into the home.

Darker colors can be highly effective from a visual point of view, but they can also make a room look smaller and are best used in rooms where you want a more intimate ambience. They can also show up marks and dust, so they may not be the most practical choice in rooms that have a lot of traffic going through them.

If you want something that will hide stains and marks, a multicolored effect is probably the best choice for you. Lots of different tones and colors conceal stains and marks, and are best suited to homes where there are younger children or pets. A carpet with a heavily fibered texture will also conceal marks in its shadows, and will add a plusher element to the room.

Choosing The Right Fiber
Getting the right fiber and texture is also an important component of the carpet selecting process. If you are carpeting a room for leisure, like your lounge, you will want to look for fibers and textures that are soft and inviting. If you want a carpet for the dining room you will probably opt for something that is more formal and minimalistic.

Nylon is a popular choice because it is strong and durable. It has been treated to make it stain resistant so it is also easy to clean. Wool is also strong and durable, but more expensive and not stain proof so think about its practical uses during your carpet selecting process.

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