Building Your Own Log Cabin For Your Garden

Log Cabins

Building log cabins in larger gardens can be very exciting activities that will allow you the chance to get your thinking cap on and use your creativity to construct truly unique backyard getaways. Before you begin taking out your tools and getting down to business, however, you might want to check up on factors such as the building regulations within your area, as well as whether or not you'll be able to get your hands on blueprints without having to pay extortionate fees for the benefit.

Following Building Regulations
The regulations associated with log cabins will depend on the area in which you live. In some instances, the local authorities will outline factors such as the maximum height of the building, as well as the boundary limits for the project, while in other cases, these limits will be determined by the home owners association. If you don't want your project to come to a sudden halt because of a silly infraction, get to know these rules and regulations so that you can follow them.

Submitting Your Building Plans
If you are required by law to submit the plans for one of the log cabins that you are going to have built on your property to the appropriate regulations offices, you might want to write out a list of everything you are going to have to include in your submission application. It is not uncommon for these submission applications to include; a plan of your project, which should be scaled down to 1:100, a plan of the site, a photograph of the intended site, floor dimensions and a picture of the building you intend on constructing.

Obtaining a Blueprint
When the time comes for you to begin building your cabin, you will need to start out by obtaining a blueprint and you can choose to have one designed from scratch, or turn to a site that allows you to purchase them. Remember, having your own plans designed from scratch might be an exciting way of building unique and personalised log cabins, but you will end up paying a lot more for this privilege.

Maintaining Your Cabin
Many people assume that once they have had their cabin built, they will no longer have to worry about maintaining it, but this is not true. While a cabin might be a simpler version of a residential home, these buildings are typically constructed from wood, which means that regular inspections need to be conducted for pests such as termites. It is also imperative that owners of log cabins take the time to coat their buildings to ensure the wood is protected from the elements; after all, the more time and effort that you spend on these buildings, the better they will look in the long run. If you intend on turning your cabin into your pride and joy, you need to be prepared to put in the time and effort to take care of it long after the construction process has come to an end.

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