Remodeling Your Home With Universal Design

Universal Design

The aim of remodeling a property with universal design in mind is the fact that it can make a home as accessible as possible to just about anyone, regardless of their age, health status or disability level.

One of the biggest advantages of remodeling a property in the present is that as the owner's needs change, the ease with which they are able to move around the home will not.

Making All Entryways Accessible
Many people start off with the entryways during universal design remodeling projects. When you take on this job, you should have five aims in mind. Firstly, steps can make it very difficult to get in and out of a building, and so these should be removed and replaced with ramps that can be accessed by individuals who are in wheelchairs, as well as those that can walk just fine. The second aim is to make sure that all of the main living areas are on the same floor, since this will ensure that individuals do not have to make use of a staircase to get to a bedroom, bathroom or kitchen. In terms of the last three aims, space should be kept in mind at all times; this includes keeping the hallways and doorways wide enough for a wheelchair to pass comfortably, as well as ensuring that there is enough floor space to move around easily enough.

Making the Bathroom Safe for all Occupants
When it comes to incorporating universal design into the bathroom, individuals should start off by ensuring that all slippery surfaces are taken care of first. It is usually a good idea to add a non-slip surface to areas such as the bathtub and shower so that individuals do not end up falling and injuring themselves. It might also be a good idea for the sides of the bathtub to be taken down a notch; after all, climbing into the bath shouldn't be a tricky job.

Replacing Door Knobs and Light Switches
People might have grown accustomed to door knobs and the standard light switches, but these are actually very difficult to use for people who are struggling with their fine motor skills. You can make it easier on them, as well as on yourself, by opting for rocker light switches and lever-style door handles.

Increase the Lighting
A home that is dark and dreary does not only weigh on the mind, but it also makes it very difficult to see for those that are struggling with their eyesight, and so it is best to turn up the lights with brighter bulbs. Lights are an important facet of universal design, and so you might not only want to think about main light switches, but you might also want to add in some task lighting in areas where individuals are going to be relaxing, reading or watching television.

Everything in Easy Reach
Cupboards that are placed higher up on the walls might be great for extra storage space, but when it comes to universal design, be sure to keep counters and storage areas lower to the ground so that they are easy to reach.

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