Where Can You Use a Portable Garage?

  • 5th November, 2009
  • Category: Garage

Irene Test

When is it a good idea to use a portable garage?

In general, these structures can be used for all of the same functions as a standard, brick-and-mortar building, only they cost a fraction of the price. Any garage, of course, is going to be outdoors, but what you can use it for and how you use it may vary. The structure is for storage but, because sizes and styles vary for each type, the use of the structure varies, as well. Portable garages are equally at home in individual and industrial applications, and they might have some similar uses in both but, ultimately, an individual portable shelter at home is going to be smaller.

For individual or at home uses, portable garages are best for accommodating one to three vehicles or anything that needs to be stored. The size of the vehicle also comes into play, as portable garages can be used to store seasonal vehicles like RVs and boats. Shelters for RVs are generally taller, while a boat can fit into a standard size portable shelter. But however you decide to use a portable garage, the building is typically no larger than what can fit on an individual's property.

Industrial sizes shelters, however, vary in size. Some might be able to hold three or more vehicles, while others are large enough to be an airplane hangar or a riding arena. The same structural qualities apply to larger shelters, but some industrial shelters may be as large as thirty by forty feet, with a height of 32 feet. But aside from large sized structures, these shelters are used in industrial applications to cover equipment, such as barn-shaped shelters for farm equipment or rounded roof shelters to protect trucks in storage.

However you decide to use a portable garage, these galvanized steel and polyethylene structures are seen all over. Whether you go to a modern-day farm, a person's house, or even a greenhouse, one of these portable structures can fit the need of the situation.

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