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By Roby V. Pagong

Having a pool is not all about having fun. Although this is what most of us want to do at all times, we cannot neglect the fact that we have to be responsible for it.

If we want to have a good time in the pool, we should know how to take care of it. Proper care for the pool does not always need professional help, except when there are complex issues that needs professional evaluation.

In taking care of your pool, you will need several tools. You will need a pH tester for the water. You will also need a skimmer and telepole extender. Additionally, always have brushes for the pool floors and walls. There are also vacuum especially made for the pool as well as vinyl liners. Aside from the basic tools, you should also have safety gear to be used when cleaning the pool. An example is the rubber gloves, masks and goggles. These are very important when you apply needed chemicals in the pool.

Why do you need to put chemicals in the pool? It is necessary because the chemicals help treat the water. It addresses almost all the water issues you might encounter with your pool. Although the chemicals are very helpful, there are certain disadvantages of using them. Several strong chemicals can damage your skin and can be a threat to your health. This can also be fatal when inhaled.

Aside from wearing the safety gear, you should also follow other safety precaution when applying chemicals. Start by reading the instruction in the chemical label. See to it that you follow the instructions carefully. Do not use more than what is required. You have to know the volume of your pool in order to put in the right amount of chemicals it needs. You should also follow the instruction on how to mix chemicals and water. After you have applied the chemicals, see to it that you clean the devices used in the application very well.

You should also clean the pool regularly. Remove the debris that got into the water using your skimmer. It is also important that you regularly scrub and vacuum the floor and the walls of your pool. This is to eliminate any formation of unwanted organisms. After cleaning the pool, you should make sure that you clean the materials you used.

It is also important that you properly maintain the various elements in the pool. Pools normally have four basic aspects you have to monitor. They are the pH, chlorine level, calcium hardness and alkalinity. This is the reason why you need a pH tester. The pH of the pool determines acidity level in the water. The acidity is affected by water's alkaline content. Just like the alkaline, calcium hardness affects the pH. If the water is too hard, pH increases. Chlorine on the other hand is a known substance to treat the water. It eliminates algae and other forms of unwanted organisms.

Having pools at home is exciting but it also comes with responsibility. Proper caring for your pool will help you have more fun in the future. Check out the Scottsdale AZ Pool Real Estate or the Palm Valley Luxury Property to find your ideal home.

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