Buying Land For Sale? How to Make the Best Choice

  • 19th December, 2009
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By Micki Ahlo

If you're searching for land for sale, you may find that there are plenty of options for both commercial and private development.

This is perfect for first time home buyers who want to build the home of their dreams, families that are concerned with the nearby schools and neighborhood, and retirees as well.

But of course buying land is different than buying a house itself. You need to understand what things you're looking for when developing land.

How developed is the land already? Does it already have buildings on it which must be removed? Will the seller do any development to it, and is the area zoned for the type of development you're considering?

Are there connection charges for the local utilities if they're not already run to that site? Is there public water service to this site? What about public sewer lines; will you need to dig, drill, or install any additional services just for utilities?

Usually the best way to negotiate the entire process of purchasing land for sale is to hire a good agent that can represent you in this. He or she can find vacant land that will suit your needs and your budget and help you through every step of development that's needed.

Finding a real estate agent that can help you with land purchase is not a difficult task since there are many agents available. Usually a quick search on the internet and then a few calls is all you'll need.

Ask the agent if they handle land purchases and discuss your purpose in buying this land so that they know what to look for - residential, commercial, and so on.

Another reason it's good to have the services of a local real estate agent is that you want to be sure you're not purchasing protected property, such as wetlands. This can put a halt to your building process before it even begins!

So always use an agent when shopping for land for sale to make sure your development is protected from day one!

As a real estate writer Micki Ahlo writes on all things related to real estate. For information on Raleigh NC realty and buying land then go to

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