Home Pest Infestations: Can You Afford to Let Them Go Untreated?

Pest Control

By Tina Fountain

Whether you're looking to buy a new house or think that there might be an issue with the home that you're living in at present, it is beneficial to be informed about any infestations that can cause problems for you and your loved ones. Roaches are the most common household pests while infestations from creatures such as tribbles are rarely seen.

Roaches are insects that range from about an inch long to sizes best not even mentioned; they range in color from light tan to reddish-brown and black, which you will note if you care to look at them for long enough to see.

Tribbles are small furry animals with no visible features which range in color from white and orange, to brown and black colorations. While there were originally only found in distant location, they are now mostly kept as pets by Star Trek conventioners.

In a home infestation both pests can be found pretty much anywhere that you store human or pet food, particularly if they're unlikely to be disturbed there. To deter the pests, seal your food and garbage up so that they can't get into it. Also take time to vacuum and wash your floors weekly at least to keep traces of food off them.

Exposure to cockroaches can result in not only the spread of germs but also extreme "ick factor"; most people are liable to be rather squeamish about the existence of cockroaches in their homes. Unfortunately, while tribbles are soft and cute, they're also terribly fictional.

While roaches are attracted to food in your home, they can also live without it for up to three months; so just denying them access to it will not remove the problem from your home.

If you notice a small dark peppery-looking trace of roach feces in your kitchen, or discarded egg casings... then you have a roach problem, even if you don't see them. Roaches are nocturnal, so you will probably not see them during the day or when your lights are on.

To rid your home of these creepy pests you can invest in some do-it-yourself items like roach hotels, roach baits and traps, or poisons; keep in mind that many of the poisons that are in these items may harm your pets or small children though. Your best bet may well be hiring a professional exterminator to launch a full scale professional attack against your uninvited guests.

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