Landlords - How to Handle Maintenance Complaints


By Roby Pagong

Having a property for rent is a good investment. It allows you to earn without taking a lot of your time. However, you have to know that landlords have responsibilities too.

They have to see to it that the properties they own are safe for their renters. They also have to abide with the rules set for tenants and landlords. Additionally, they have to follow the regulation of the homeowners' association in their area. Most importantly, they have to attend to the complaints made by their renters.

Complaints are evident if you are a landlord. This is because you are responsible for maintaining the property and making major repairs. This is why most prefer renting because they do not have to deal with looking after the property and dealing with major repairs. There are also cases when the utility expenses are included in the monthly rent. If you have this type of arrangement, then you will not have to worry about paying the bills.

So how will you handle the complaints if you were the owner? This is easy if you only have few units. However, the task can be overwhelming especially if you are managing several properties. In order to attend to all the complaints in a timely manner, you need to adopt a system.

Being organized will allow you to see everything and respond to the situations properly. To prevent having problems with the filing of the complaints, you have to include this in the rental agreement. Provide your tenants with a guide of what they have to do if repair is needed in the property. You should include your obligations. Additionally, specify the limitations as well.

To help you organize, come up with a form. The said form will need to be filled with essential information so that you will know what the problem is and what to do with it. This will also give you an idea of how to handle the situation. If the problem is with the structure of the property, you can contact a carpenter and have it repaired immediately.

It is important that you let your tenant know that you got their complaint. This will prevent them from feeling neglected. If you can handle the problem, then deal with it right away. However, if you cannot respond to the issues right away, see to it that you explain the reasons to your renters. Since this can cause inconvenience for them, give them something to smile about like a discount or a rebate on their rent. Although this will not be the same as addressing the issue, this will ease the trouble dealt by your renters.

Complaints are always difficult to deal with. However, you can easily manage them if you are organized. Include it in your rental agreement. You should also respond to the complaints right away or explain to your tenant why you cannot resolve the issue immediately. Most importantly, learn how to prevent having problems in your property. You can do it by monitoring your property. Regular maintenance will prevent problems in the future.

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