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DIY Bricklaying For Beginners - Bricklaying Techniques

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  • 18th October, 2011
Bricklaying Techniques

Do-it-yourself enthusiasts often enjoy learning new skills, and by mastering bricklaying techniques, it becomes possible to tackle interesting and worthwhile projects.

The possibilities for increasing the quality of life and to add value to a property is literally endless; mastering bricklaying techniques can lead to a new patio, driveway, garden walls, a fireplace or barbeque pit, or even partitions, using a variety of techniques and different types of bricks.

Where To Learn Bricklaying Techniques
The Internet has truly made it easy to learn new skills and to acquire new knowledge, and there are dozens of excellent websites that offer step by step instructions on basic bricklaying techniques. Many sites also offer the opportunity to download material that can be printed, and in some cases, detailed plans for a large variety of interesting projects are supplied free of charge or at a small fee. The majority of novices find it easiest to learn these new skills by watching videos that are well structured and that clearly demonstrate every step separately. Those who intend to practice bricklaying regularly and who have several projects in mind should consider buying the necessary tools and equipment, which can be found at just about any hardware store.

Important Bricklaying Tips And Advice
Once bricks are laid, it is very difficult and time consuming to make changes, especially if a fundamental error is discovered. It is therefore imperative to plan thoroughly before even starting the project. Experts advise that detailed drawings be prepared, and that these drawings be used to accumulate all the materials that will be necessary to complete the project. Novices may do themselves a favor by obtaining advice from experienced bricklayers before starting a project. It may also be better to start this new hobby by tackling a less challenging project where structural integrity is not a major issue.

One of the most basic bricklaying techniques is to learn that bricks must always be staggered to increase the strength of the structure. One of the most popular ways in which to achieve this is to make use of a running bond brick pattern; each brick is centered in relation to the brick below it. There are many other different patterns that can be used to create interesting effects, but in all cases, the bricks are staggered in one way or another.

It is very important to pay constant attention to ensuring that the bricks are level, across the brick as well as along the length of the brick. A simple spirit level is therefore an important tool and should be used often. Bricks that are not completely level can be tapped into place with an ordinary trowel. It may also help to use a weighted string to ensure that the bricks are vertically perfectly level. It is often better to work slowly and methodically, making sure that everything is done properly, because it may be difficult to correct errors at a later stage. Mastering bricklaying techniques require patience and attention to detail.

Bricklaying can be a very rewarding DIY hobby, because the results of each project will add value to property and also be of practical use. In addition, brick structures will more than likely last for many years. Almost everybody can learn basic bricklaying techniques, adding to their own skills while saving money on basic construction projects.

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